Children's Eye Examinations


Does my child need an eye test?

Some of the most common symptoms that could indicate your child may be experiencing problems with their sight are:

  • Sitting too close to the television
  • Looking cross eyed
  • Holding a book too close to their face when reading

If detected early enough we can ensure children's eye problems have a minimum impact on their lives.

The current school vision checks are basic vision screening.  They do not test for near vision, visual tracking, depth perception or ocular health.  Because of this a full eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is a great idea if you have any concerns about your child’s vision.


The children's eye test

Much of a child’s learning is done visually and at a close range, so good vision is very important even at a young age.  The optometrist amends the tests they do to suit the age and abilities of the child.   Even children who can not name the letters of the alphabet are able to have their eyes tested. 

We check how well a child can see in the distance and up close, as well as assessing how well the eyes work together for 3D vision, and changing focus.   Another important part of the examination is checking the health of the eyes.  Just like adults, children can suffer from eye diseases and abnormalities.  It is also possible for children to have congenital problems like cataracts which may need to be treated for your child to reach their visual potential.

In some cases cycloplegic eye drops are used to relax the focusing muscles of the eyes and let the optometrist assess the prescription more accurately.  This is particularly helpful for very young children who would not be able to understand some of the more advanced tests used on adults.
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Children's Eyewear

If your child does need to wear glasses, finding a frame that is comfortable, sturdy and attractive is important.  This will mean that they will want to wear their glasses and can benefit from improved visual clarity.  At Optik Eyecare we have a wide range of children’s frames for all ages and budgets.  We are happy to make glasses up to any valid prescription.  

Kids Club
Our kids club is exclusive to Optik Eyecare Pukekohe and is designed to help reduce the ongoing costs associated with glasses for children.
All patients aged up to 16 years who purchase complete frame and lenses, get 25 % off frame repairs and replacement spare parts.
This discount also applies to damaged lenses and changes in prescription less than 9 months from the date of the initial prescription (conditions apply).  This covers both outside prescriptions and those from our own optometrists.
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Enable Subsidy

Enable NZ provides a subsidy to help with the cost of your child’s eye examination, frames, lenses and repairs. 
The subsidy is available to any of your children aged 15 years or under but only if you or your child has a current Community Services Card or High User Health card issued by the GP. It is available every 12 months.
As from December 2014, new guidelines have been set with regards to your child’s
eligibility.  Unfortunately this may mean, children who have been able to claim in the past may no longer be eligible to have their glasses covered under these new guidelines.  Eye examinations remain covered.
At Optik Eyecare we can assess whether your child meets the new criteria and apply for this subsidy on your behalf, by doing an eye examination or by assessing an prescription from elsewhere. 
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