Prescription options for swimming

With the fabulous summer we have experienced many people have been making full use of the great weather and enjoying spending time in the water swimming or diving.

When it comes to spectacle wearers there are a number of options to ensure you are able to see as well as possible when in or under the water whether its snorkeling, diving or swimming. Better vision enhances the enjoyment of water sports and improves safety.

Swimming Goggles: These are now available in a range of ready-made spectacle powers for simple prescriptions and provide good correction for seeing in the pool or the ocean. For prescriptions outside of the standard range, custom made prescriptions can be fitted to certain goggles and we are happy to advise or help with this.

Diving Masks: Diving masks are also available with simple prescriptions in a ready-made form. In these masks the lenses are interchangeable with a range of lens powers including long sighted and shortsighted prescriptions. For higher prescription or those considerable amounts of astigmatism, the lenses can be made with a flat front surface which is then laminated to the back of the mask lenses giving consistent clear vision whether you need it to view the fish or your equipment.

Contact Lenses: Due to the possibility of bacterial contamination we never advise swimming in the pool, ocean or diving with contact lenses on their own. However if they are worn with a well fitted dive mask, good vision with little compromise to eye safety can be achieved. Generally in these cases we refit with daily disposable contact lenses to limit the cost if the lenses are lost and minimize solution requirements if away on holiday.

As with all action sports regular checks on eye health are recommended particularly if contact lenses are worn. This way if problems occur they can be appropriately managed at an early stage.
Whatever your water sport preference we are happy to advise on the best way of safely correcting your vision so you can make the most of your time in the water this year.

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