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Many patients present with red, sore eyes and the list of possible causes are substantial.  As some conditions causing these symptoms can be potentially sight threatening it is important to have unusual eye symptoms fully checked out.  In most instances the cause is simple and relatively harmless however sometimes serious conditions can cause fairly mild symptoms so for peace of mind an eye-health assessment should be done.

The equipment necessary to do this involves a biomicroscope to check the front of the eye, as well as equipment to view the back of the eye, and in some cases measure eye pressures and visual fields. In order to complete these tests an optometrist is best placed to be your first port of call when experiencing red, sore eyes.  If treatment or referral is required this can be arranged by the optometrist.

We have therapeutically qualified optometrists who are able to prescribe medicated eye drops to help treat conditions such as eye infections, ocular inflammation and allergies.
With our clinical equipment we are able to closely examine your eyes and diagnose the cause of your problem.  This then allows us to prescribe the appropriate medication to help your eye heal as quickly as possible.

Small projectiles may embed in the cornea, the front clear window of the eye. These can rust or inflame the eye and lead to pain and redness.  It is important to have an optometrist examine the eye as soon as you suspect you may have foreign material in your eye. Optometrists are best equipped to examine the eye under high magnification and remove the offending particles and prescribe an antibiotic drop or ointment. In emergencies, we can refer you to a surgeon.
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