Why do I need a contact lens prescription before I can start ordering contact lenses?

If you have never worn contact lenses before, the first step is to visit your eyecare professional and have an eye examination. Contact lenses are available in many different parameters and materials and the suitability of any particular lens can only be determined by having trial contact lenses fit by an eyecare professional  They will ensure that your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear before fitting you with the appropriate contact lens. Your eyecare professional will also determine the strength of contact lenses that you need, as this will often differ to your spectacle prescription. You will be taught how to insert and remove contact lenses from the eye and how to clean and disinfect the contact lenses.

Can I order coloured contact lenses without a contact lens prescription?

No. All contact lenses are medical devices including coloured contact lenses. It is therefore important that an eye care practitioner ensures that your eyes are suitable to wear contact lenses and that the contact lens fits your eye. Insertion, removal and cleaning contact lenses must be learnt from an eye care practitioner, before ordering any type of contact lens, including coloured contact lenses.


Can I order a brand of contact lens that I haven’t worn before?

No. Each brand of contact lens will fit your eye differently. If you want to order a different brand of contact lenses, you will first need to visit your eyecare professional, who will ensure that this brand and design is suitable for your eyes.


How often should I get my eyes checked if I wear contact lenses?

It is recommended that contact lens wearers have their eyes checked at least once a year to ensure the eyes are still healthy and that your lens type and prescription are still suitable. Contact lens wear can cause changes to the cells and tissues of the eye, and may even cause damage to the eye, without necessarily causing any obvious symptoms. Your eye care professional will advise you on how regularly you should have your eyes checked as this may differ in special cases eg extended wear contact lenses.


Can I continue wearing my contact lenses if my eyes feel uncomfortable?

It is not advisable to continue wearing your contact lenses if your eyes are bothering you, particularly if the discomfort is related to contact lens wear. If you experience irritation, pain, red eyes or decreased vision, remove contact lenses carefully and consult your eye care practitioner.


How long will it take for my lenses to arrive?

Estimated delivery times are shown in the individual description of each contact lens product.  Delivery times stated are from the date of prescription verification.

For contact lens products held in stock, normal delivery time is 1-2 days. For contact lenses that are ordered in, normal delivery time is 3-4 days.  Some contact lenses such as toric lenses (for astigmatism correction) can take longer, in these cases you will be notified with an expected delivery time.


What payment methods do you accept?

Optik accepts Mastercard and Visa card as well as Bank Transfers.  Our payment processor is windcave.com (formerly PaymentExpress).  Optik has no credit card surcharges or additional fees on payments.


When will my payment be processed? 

For credit card payments, funds are taken from your account once the order has been placed.  If your order is unsuccessful we will refund the amount back onto your card. For security reasons you credit card details are not held.

For direct credit payments products will be dispatched once the amount appears in our account and the lenses have arrived from the supplier.


Are the contact lenses I buy here the same as the lenses from my eyecare professional?

Yes, by NZ regulations we can only supply the same contact lenses as prescribed and fitted by your eyecare professional. If you have been fitted with a private label lens, or a contact lens you can't find on our website don't worry. Private label lenses are repackaged versions of the brand name lenses we sell. Just email us and we will let you know which brand corresponds to what you have been fitted with.

We source all our contact lenses from the same official New Zealand suppliers as all other New Zealand registered eye professionals.

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